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Acetic Acid 99% 20kg

Acetic Acid 99% 20kg

ACETIC ACID is an organic acid available in various
standard strengths. Pure ACETIC ACID is known as
Acetic Acid Glacial because it will freeze at moderate
temperatures (16.6C). While this is usually the least
expensive way of purchasing acetic acid we find that more
dilute grades such as 90% are more in demand to
eliminate most of the solidification problems.
Flammability is another issue affecting purchasing
decisions with acetic acid. Both Acetic Acid Glacial and
Acetic Acid 90% have flash points lower than 61C and
thus are classified as flammable.
The final issue affecting ACETIC ACID decisions is that of
food grade versus technical grade. Most glacial acetic
acid we purchase is food grade however when we dilute
and repack it into recycled containers it becomes technical
grade. Technical grade is acceptable for all non-food
applications such as pH control for dyeing and as a
laboratory reagent but for artificial vinegar or marinade
production food grade is essential.

ACETIC ACID is used as a solvent in some chemical
reactions and as a starter in the production of solvent
In New Zealand however it is mainly used as a
preservative in some foods (onions and gherkins) and in
sauces such as tomato and as a marinade in the mussel
industry. It is also used in the tanning and textile
industries as a dye fixing agent, ph control in solutions
and as a pickling and masking agent in leathers. It can
also be used in the production of bactericides and
Acetic Acid 99% 20kg
Price: $90.18 +gst

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